Catching up with grainy cream or sliced cream

Catching up with grainy cream or sliced cream

I recently explained to you in an article how to fix a failed ganache and before that, all the tools that could allow you to fix almost any recipe . Today I will detail how to catch a grainy cream of the cream type.

Difference between a sliced cream and a grained cream

I often see the two terms used interchangeably although their meaning is not quite equivalent. A grainy cream will have small grains (of butter, eggs or chocolate) in the preparation, often due to a temperature problem during the addition. In a sliced cream, the fat separates from the aqueous phase and the preparation is completely separated in two (via a grainy phase, which explains the confusion). To be able to recover your preparation effectively, take stock of the type of preparation (butter cream, mousseline cream, ganache, etc.) and the problem.

Why a seed cream?

In the case of butter cream or mousseline cream, a cream slices due to temperature concerns. Indeed, some ingredients such as butter congeal if they are incorporated into a preparation that is too cold. If you add butter that is too cold to a hot preparation, the thermal shock will cause the butter to set instantly. This gives small grains which are unpleasant to the taste. It is said that the seed cream.

Make up a buttercream

Grained butter cream

A grainy cream is due to the addition of too cold butter. Always remember to incorporate your butter at room temperature into your buttercream. If your buttercream has grained, don’t panic, just run your robot at low speed. With a blowtorch (or hair dryer), slightly heat the stand mixer bowl. This will melt the small grains of butter and your buttercream will become smooth again. Be careful, use the blowtorch sparingly, if the butter becomes too liquid it is more complicated to catch up.

Sliced Buttercream

If your buttercream looks weird, like sliced cream, stop everything. Clean the whisk well and return the mass to the bottom of the robot. Then restart the whisk at low speed. Gradually, the emulsion will be made and the sliced cream will again amalgamate.

Buttercream too runny

If the buttercream has become too liquid, remove the bowl from the food processor and put it in the fridge for a few minutes. Then, gently resume the emulsion and add softened butter little by little to resume the emulsion.

How to soften buttercream

To use a buttercream that has been stored in the fridge (and which is therefore frozen), simply put it in the microwave for a few seconds and beat it again at low speed.

Make up a mousseline cream

grainy cream

Why is my mousseline cream grainy?

Mousseline cream is a pastry cream to which butter is added. It is therefore also affected by temperature problems during the incorporation of butter. Thus, just like buttercream, mousseline cream becomes grainy when the butter has been incorporated too cold. In contact with the pastry cream, it freezes on the surface and forms small grains.

How to recover a grained mousseline cream?

To catch a grainy cream, just pass a blowtorch on the bowl (stainless steel) of your robot. You can also put it in a bain-marie for a few moments, whisking the preparation well. Be careful not to overheat the cream, which would become too liquid, which is difficult to catch up.

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